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PT Gazell

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PT Gazell earned his position as an internationally renowned master of the diatonic harmonica taking the long way around from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee. First picking up the instrument in his late teens, the self-taught player honed his craft by taking on all manner of musical styles. His instinctive musicality allowed him to explore and expand his repertoire and achieve a lofty level of mastery very quickly. PT says he likes to think of his performances as “an on going musical conversation between myself and my audiences.” Listen to the music he delivers and you’ll agree he is an exceptionally compelling and articulate speaker.

The Grammy-nominated artist’s music is hot, swingin’, smooth, original, clean, lyrical, masterful and one of a kind. Oh yeah, like what? Think Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman, Louie Jordan, Ben Webster, Sweets Edison, Tiny Moore, Wes Montgomery...that's what! His unique approach to the harmonica as the lead instrument delivers great new takes on Jazz Standards, Swing Classics, Jump Blues, Ballads, and American Songbook Selections. Unlike any other player, PT is proof that the harmonica is capable of much more than what most expect or believe possible. His combination of phrasing, melodic style, song choices, and improvisational abilities may draw comparisons to others, but in the end, it’s a style all his own. Dig it!]

PT Gazell & The Side Effects’ recent release, "A Madness To The Method" is currently receiving airplay on Jazz Radio Top 100 stations as well as numerous NPR jazz affiliates nationwide.

What people are saying about PT’s new CD: “A Madness To The Method.”

“It’s said that Benny Goodman, the King of Swing, had no instrumental bias. Had PT Gazell and his half-valved diatonic been around during that time, Benny would have embraced both the player and the instrument … because PT swings that hard.” Paul Messinger ~ Jazz Aficionado magazine

Music fans do yourselves a favor and check out the new CD by PT Gazell “A Madness To The Method.” This is sweet harp playing at it's best. Charlie McCoy ~ Session musician legend and Hall Of Fame member

“A Madness to the Method” is a masterpiece not only for harmonica players but jazz and music loving folks alike. Rob Paparozzi ~ The Blues Brothers

“A Madness To The Method” is an absolute delight! From the singular timbre and melodic approach of PT's harmonica to the wonderful interplay between the harmonica and lap steel, this record is an outstanding work by a one of a kind artist!" Ross Garren ~ L.A. session musician and artist


“Swingin’ Easy…Hittin’ Hard” 2005

“Back To Back” 2008

“2 Days Out” 2011 Grammy nominated 

“A Madness To The Method” 2016 Grammy nominated